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FOF Remote


Looking for professionally programmed workouts that you can do on your terms? FOF Remote is your solution. FOF Remote offers {FIVE} new and innovative workouts each week that you can do anytime, anywhere, and with minimal equipment. We also include video demos for each workout, and we give you access to our team of trainers in case you have questions or need any help. Regardless of your time, space, or fitness level, we've designed these workouts with your needs in mind. Interested in a more tailored program? We've got an option for you. Email us at for details.
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Project You: 6 Weeks


Our 6-week Project You course is an information packed, action oriented, online program that address all aspects of health and wellness. This comprehensive approach to health and wellness addresses topics such as fitness, nutrition, mindset, sleep, stress, barriers, excuses, self talk, and expectations. In this program, you receive weekly educational webinars, action steps, notes, resources, access to 6-weeks of at home workouts, and weekly 1:1 coaching calls. If you are ready to make a change and improve your health and wellness, this is the program for you.
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1:1 Health Coaching: Project You


During Project You, we are in your corner. We are there to guide you, educate you, challenge you, and support you. This online course is In this one one one program, we build a program that is customized to meet your individual needs. Book your FREE call today, and let us show you how we can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.
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21-Day Jump Start


21 days. 21 lessons. 21 action items. Our 21-day jump start is a program that will teach you how to eat, live, and train on purpose, with purpose. We'll dive into various areas of health and wellness included food, sleep, stress, training, rest, recovery, self talk, and much more. Get ready, and let us help you get a jump start to becoming the best version of you.
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clients are saying


“Health coaching changed my life – really. I had lost my way and tried to cope with that by eating all the foods, spending way too much time on my sofa and forgetting all the good life has to offer. I needed find my way back. I can’t put into words the benefits I got from coaching. I’ve been able to make better choices about food, I’m stronger and fitter than I’ve been in years and I’m in control of my health and happiness. And believe it or not, the thing I wanted most – to lose weight – happened, but isn’t even the top benefit!”


“The FOF program has helped me to start looking at health, fitness, and wellness in a more positive manner. Gone is body shaming to get results. This program has helped me identify and address my struggles from insomnia, eating while bored, etc. Thanks for providing encouragement, weekly check ins, and accountability. I now sleep without the aid of medication and I better organize my time to make time to move. Thank you for all you do to help change the lives of others. Anyone would be blessed to work with this team.”


“I have been a life-long athlete but after developing a few injuries along the way, I stopped playing sports and eventually working out which resulted in a significant weight gain over the past few years. I thought I could get back in shape on my own and, while I made some progress, I continued hitting long stall periods and even with my clean eating, I was not seeing results matching my efforts. I was ready to give up when I decided to dive in and join Project You. It was the best decision I could have made. Kenzie and Josh aren't just trainers. They possess a wealth of knowledge, insight, and sensitivity that transfers to the perfect formula for a life transformation. If you follow as suggested, Project You will have you working hard and thinking hard which is exactly what's needed. I thought I knew alot about health and fitness. But I can honestly say that I could never have reached the point I'm at currently without their guidance, support and help along the way. My life has changed in so many incredible ways because of them and because of this program and I feel confident I have the tools to continue forward for the rest of my life.”